About Us

(Lawn+care) + Engineer = Lawngineer 

Lawnginner Industries was built from a need of professionally designed lawn care accessories that work as hard as the people using them. The market is flooded with poorly designed or poorly manufactured products. We decided to put our education and experience to work to design and manufacture quality products to help lawn care professionals.  This is how Lawngineer Industries was born. Whether you are a single owner/operator or a large operation with multiple crews, we want to help you be more efficient, successful and profitable. 



Adam Tammisto - Co-Founder & CEO

Hi! I’m Adam, Mechanical Design Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business owner and Co-Founder of Lawngineer Industries. I've designed, built and implemented the Brake and Safety systems for one of the largest auto manufacturers in the country. During that same time, I grew my lawn care business from a single push mower to running multiple crews. I left the automaker to help a local startup get off the ground by designing and automating products, systems and processes in that startup business. This gave me the opportunity to build products in my lawn care business that made our teammates and my jobs so much easier.



Andrew Elliott - Co-Founder & COO

Hey! I'm Andrew, the Electrical Design Engineer and Co-Founder of Lawngineer Industries. In the past I've worked on custom outdoor LED lighting for parks across the nation and helped design various lighting control devices used by multiple major league and college sports teams. Designing products to help Adam and his business awoke the entrepreneur in me and inspired me to help start Lawngineer Industries.